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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 23, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, it seems like the jury is having a tough time with this. the second day of deliberations friday. no verdict. about 4:00 on friday afternoon the jury sends the judge a note saying things were getting a little overheated and asked to be dismissed. deliberations will continue again this morning at 9:00 at courthouse east. both sets of attorneys say they are not concerned about a deadlocked jury. both say it proves they are conscientious. mayor sheila dixon was in the courtroom most of the day on friday after the jury was sent back to the jury room to continue deliberations. continues are no concern to dixon's attorney. >> 12 people pulled off the street don't know each other. they are just trying to get along and figure out some of the legal issues and apply the facts to them. >> reporter: our coverage is just beginning. and we'll be in the courtroom this morning and we will break in when there is a verdict on
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line and on air. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> again, we are -- abc2 is your source. tune in to see what happens and we're inviting you now to check in any time you want on-line at we'll be on top of the verdict. new at 5:00 -- baltimore city police are investigating a string of stabbings that started just after 1:00 this morning. starting in west baltimore where police say two women were stand at the corners of smallwood and vine streets. one of them stabbed in the back police say it got interesting next because an hour later two more women arriving at st. agnes with stab wounds and told caretakers it happened on wilhelm, which is four blocks from vine street. police say the only description they have is that they are looking for five women. the two first victims were taken to area hospitals for their injuries. then around 2:30 this morning
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police rushed to the scene of curly and monument where three men were stabbed. police certainty saying whether the ins - aren't saying whether the incidents are connected but so far they've survived their injuries. police say they are close to involving a convenience store shooting that left one man dead, another in the hospital. police in baltimore city and baltimore county say this is the suspect vehicle that took officers on a wild chase on saturday night. officers spotted two suspects in the robbery on tuesday night at the convenience store in catonsville. a car chase started south of edmonton avenue in the county and ended up on the city on apple avenue. they fired on police, officers fired back. the officer shot in the stomach survived, two officers suffered minor injuries. police did manage to arrest the driver. >> i feel better, definitely.
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>> police say the suspects were involved in another robbery and shooting that happened friday night. their names will not be released until the men are charged. maryland's favorite olympic swimmer apparently has tax trouble. says michael phelps owes the state of california $23,000 in back taxes. so the state has filed a tax lien claiming that phelps owes taxes from 2005 and 2006 of and phelps has many endorsement deals estimated to be around $50 million. obviously disappointing and a tough loss. i thought our guys competed and fought and we all could have done better, me included given the situation of the game. but we rebounded after the first drive. the obvious difference was the red zone. >> so much talk about this game. the sentence follows with the
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word touchdown followed by the word end zone, two words the ravens didn't use yesterday. should they have beaten them? absolutely. but a pickoff in the fourth by joe flacco and fumble by ed reed kind of did the ravens in. indy wins 17-15 on the day that matt stover came back with a horseshoe on his helmet. he admits it was an emotional day. trying to help the poor. maryland comes together for a food drive this morning. >> you can help pitch in to help stamp out hunger. i'm linda so where a simple donation will get you a free sandwich this morning. he said/she said, in the democratic party. we're watching the rift in washington. first our weather with justin. >> 5:04. 39 degrees. temperatures are not going to move much today. what will move is a storm trying to throw rain our way. nearly wind at 9 miles per
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hour. plan for a chilly monday. let's say good morning to mark jones. >> the commute looks good if your ride is on the metro subway but light rail has a 10-minute delay between penn and camden stations. the number 51 bus diverting at wilkens and pulaski, construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. today i'm making a classic sweet potato pie... everyone can enjoy, lactaid milk. bedeliciousoló welcome back to the table. love it with lactaid.
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5:07. our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. it looks ominous during the week. not a complete washout but we'll have days with rain, one of them being today. we start dry, 49 baltimore. 48 easton. 56 ocean city compared to 36 back towards oakland. that's a big spread. overall just cloudy skies, showers of the rain variety in the mountains. and the showers, though about 100 miles away from us, will try to roll in late morning most of the commute is dry, showers try to develop by lunchtime wet weather this afternoon should take our temperatures down. briefly going from 49 to 50 and pulling back through the upper and middle 40s. so falling temperatures this afternoon. take a rain jacket. it's got some insulation, it will feel chilly with the breeze from the northeast. we break out just scattered showers tomorrow but rain tries
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to return by thanksgiving. more on that coming up in a few minutes. 5:08. let's check the roads with kim. >> several crashes in the city, i'm getting word from police they are in the final stages of getting cleared but we're looking good, this is going to be the harrisburg expressway just north of the beltway, no problems to let you know about. still working a crash in north laurel, in the westbound lanes of route 216 as you approach 95. chances are you still can't get on the northbound 95 exit. you probably have to go around it or somehow go through laurel and get on it via 198. you'll see road resurfacing starting today. roland avenue and university parkway between cold spring avenue and 40th street with varying lane closures at this time. the jfx, no problems here at cold spring lane. back to you. the thing that got me most was my neighbor who is 90 years old couldn't get out. >> a massive apartment fire in philadelphia. we'll find out how those who lived here scrambled to get out
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of the fire. day care used to be about nap time and learning but it's the way television is being used that is upsetting some parents. first, look who was hanging out in the big city last night. ♪ we'll make you happy♪
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"good morning maryland" 5:13. modern senate democrats plan to scuttle the legislation if their demands are not met. republicans making it clear they won't support the bill. by 60-39 senate democrats advanced health care legislation and took one giant step forward to president obama's goal of health care reform. the vote now moves the debate from committee to the senate floor. >> the important thing is that we debate it. that there be a fleet-free flow of amendments, that some will pass, some will fall. >> reporter: two democrats an
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an independent voted to start the debate but won't support a final bill unless it addresses their concerns. >> my vote today should in no way be construed as an indication of how i might vote. let me be perfectly clear -- i am opposed to a new government administered health care plan as a part of comprehensive health insurance reform. >> it won't force one insurance company to give insurance to somebody who has a pre-existing condition and it won't even lower the cost of health insurance. >> reporter: the dispute among democrats will likely lead to a heated floor debate next month on legislation that would extend health care to 31 million americans. republicans made it clear they will not support the current bill. >> i think this bill is a disaster for our country. president obama said it would not add to the deficit. it will. president obama said that no one would lose the health care that they have. and they will. >> reporter: senators now go home for thanksgiving recess returning on november 30th to
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get the debate going. political observers say the debate could last until christmas and possibly even longer. vinita nair, abc news. today the fight against poverty in our state is being met with compassion. here we are just days before thanksgiving. and organizations are trying to collect food for the poor. linda so is here with how we can all help today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. with the economy the way it is more families need help just to put food on the table. so this morning several organizations are teeming up so you can help stamp out hunger. a food drive is getting underway at the timonium light rail stop. they are collecting nonperishable items and personal hygiene items like toothpaste and soap. they will all benefit the maryland food bank. we were there last week to see how generosity helps people in need. >> the people that are accessing food shelves these
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days are different than the ones we saw one or two years ago. they are middle class and last year were able to write checks in support of the food bank, now going to the shelves to get assistance. >> the drive starts at 5:30. runs until 9:00 a.m. at the timonium light rail stop. bring canned goods or other nonperishable food items. er in also looking for -- they are also looking for products like diapers and infant formula. for your donation, you will get a free sandwich. linda so, abc2 news. 5:16. coming off a rough weekend from many perspectives. 55 degrees on the thermometer compared to 60 in richmond.
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now things start to go downhill. we've been running near normal at least over the weekend where this date, today, shows us a normal 33 in the morning, 16 is the record in 1880. 1979 the high mark of 74. we're acting on 50 degrees on the thermometer now -- sorry, 49, 50 towards richmond but the temperature may get up to 50 and pull back. area of low pressure throwing rain our way. the rain is still a few hours away, we'll get through the morning commute but by lunchtime we may have showers. by then we may go up a notch on the thermometer and then looking for the northeasterly wind to take over. the rain chilled down the air and temperature will slide during the course of the afternoon. the weather doesn't look too ominous here though cloudy skies and some on and off showers possible. looks like another storm tries to come our way with more rain come thanksgiving. so today, getting briefly up to
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50, sliding back through the 40s in the afternoon. with that developing rain so take the umbrella and jacket, enough to keep you protected from the developing nearly wind. rain -- northeasterly wind. rain, cool weather tonight. back to 44. tomorrow, 56 with the morning showers coming to an end. there could be clearing late in the day. i want to show you what is in store by the end of the week, temperatures stay in the mid-50s. rain likely thanksgiving on in through friday and then slipping to 49 but clearing out to start the weekend. here's kim brown with traffic. >> we have a couple of crashes that are in the final stages of getting cleaned up, penn and west lomb band and roland avenue and 46th street. nothing working here as we pull out on the harrisburg expressway just north of the parkway. excuse me, just north of the beltway, no problems to let you know about around 695 or the tunnels. 95 also looks good as well. a crash still in northerly laurel, westbound 216 approaching 95 involving a tractor-trailer, only one lane gets by there. and as we peek at pratt and
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president streets downtown, traffic there still quiet. back to you. what got me the most, my neighbor is who 90 years old couldn't get out. i heard her saying please, cheryl, meese help me. >> amazing story is no one died in the fire in philadelphia. officials say the fire started up on the second floor unit, quickly spread to the other buildings, about four minutes that's all it took. some of the people who lived here were forced to jump from windows to save their own lives. others had to be rescued by firefighters. the cause of the fire is still under investigation but officials have a gut feeling this started accidently. no one likes getting pulled over by police but one woman in florida was willing to do whatever it took to get out of
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paying a $191 ticket. listen. >> where are we going to go? >> in your car. >> in the patrol car? she says we can do it in the back of the car. we can do it in the woods >> well, that woman was heard on tape offering sex to a cop so she would not have to pay the fine for speeding. the officer made a deal with her. he told her to go home, he'll come back and put her in handcuffs. she agreed thinking it was part of the deal. it was not. she was booked and charged with soliciting prostitution. nine women and three member try to decide the fate today of baltimore city mayor sheila dixon. will they? >> i'm sherrie johnson. hear what attorneys have to say about jury deliberations and a verdict.
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5:23. good morning. we're looking outside with cloudy skies and temperatures not going to move much today. we'll briefly get to around 50. i want to throw 48 on the board to show we'll be slipping back through the 40s this afternoon and spend most of the day around that range. developing showers and steadier rain expected today through tonight. tomorrow morning, showers give way to some clearing, 55. then we'll start dry and give way pomore showers returning by wednesday evening, 56 degrees. mid-50s on thanksgiving with the convulsing turkey, yeah, it will get a little wet. temperatures take a dive again. by friday the rain tries to move out and getting towards the weekend with 49 on saturday. overnight lows around freezing.
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we'll pop back to 52 with partly cloudy skies on sunday. 5:23. let's go up to new york for this morning's "tech bytes" with jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: newscorp and microsoft may team up to take on google "the wall street journal" and other papers are reportedly saying they will remove links to the search engine. it could help newscorp get paid for its content on-line but the company would risk losing a large you had a that finds the stories through google. preorders for the newark exceeded -- the nook exceeded expectations and the company is sold out until christmas. they are ramping up orders but those who order it now won't get it until january 4th at the earliest but customers can get a certificate to present as a place holder until it
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arrives. a reminder that nothing is private once it's put on line. a canadian woman is battling her insurance company after she lost her benefits because of pictures she posted on facebook. natalie blanchard is on longterm sick leave for depression but added pictures in which she appears to be having fun. the company says it's evidence she's no longer depressed. she said she's just following her doctor's advice and trying to have fun. she's fighting to get her benefits reinstated. the words set your phasers to stun are from "star trek" but scientists say they created a device that can do just that, though only to worms now. the machine temporarily paralyzes the worms. they believe it can be some day used to treat medical conditions and allows us to all live long and prosper. for information on all the stories log on to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes," i'm jeremy hubbard.
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could this be the day. back to court for the jury and mayor. we're set to watch what happens in this courtroom today. megan pringle is hanging out with the stars in new york. it's opening night for "dreamgirls." who did she talk to last night on the red carpet? who would have thought you were partying to those records when you were a kid and then playing at the gala. >> and motown celebrates its 50th year of giving us the soundtrack of our lives. good morning. i'm jamie costello. we'll show you where megan was in a moment but first your weather with justin berk. good morning. >> good morning. it's 5:28 and we are looking outside, at a temperature of 49 in baltimore. the temperature itself is going
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to remain fairly steady throughout the day. go up a little bit and actually slide down during the afternoon so plan for a chill and then plan for wet weather as well. checking out the satellite and radar composite the clouds have rolled in, the rain still hanging off to our south and west and looks like that will try to get in here late morning, lunchtime and then build during the course of this afternoon. so plan for a dry morning, 49, near 50 by lunchtime with some showers developing. then some rain really starts to roll in during the afternoon and evening as temperatures pull back through the 40s. so a chilly and wet day, especially for the second part of this monday. 5:29. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. it's time to tweet some traffic. you can always follow me at as we look at 83, looking good in both directions especially southbound between padonia road and the beltway. no problems or delays or incidents around 695 or at the tunnels. we have two crashes, one in


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